After hours; playing catchup.

I've filtered through all of my scheduled posts and I'm so shocked! I feel like I dumped so much in there and it all posted in one day! Too intense. I got some things I wanted to dabble about real quick, so let's get started! Today! I'm so so so proud of myself today because... Continue Reading →


Week nine; speak up.

Finally it happened. A session that I didn't really feel that much into it. Don't mistake that statement though. Going to my therapy session's really really do help me. However I don't come prepared most of the time, and I'll explain. During the week I think of many things. Don't we all? And most of... Continue Reading →

Whoa, hello happy high!

  Just last week I was sitting around, wondering what I would be doing with my life. And it's something I think about daily. Most times it's a negative outcome, daydreaming about the future. Other times it's positive. Where I can mentally see myself happily engrossed in whatever is I felt like "becoming". A teacher,... Continue Reading →

Keep going; it’s just a step.

So I did a super exciting vlog today that I can't stop thinking about. You ever have those moments when you learn something new and you just want everyone to know about it? Like, everyone everyone. And that's exactly how I feel right now. I found a moment of understanding last night as I was... Continue Reading →

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