It's now been a whole month since I've started this high school program and it doesn't even feel like it's been a month! I have two more weeks left, three tops depending on how well I do getting the last of these classes out of the way and then I'll be into the phlebotomy program … Continue reading


The story of BananaCat

Yesterday started out ok, went a little bad for a second because I let something so tiny affect my mood, and then it went great. I'm still struggling with the high expectations of others, and yesterday I realized that I also have high expectations of myself. I don't need to work like a horse to make … Continue reading The story of BananaCat

Taking coworkers too seriously.

I'm taking a bathroom break just so I can write this. I'm feeling those ugly feelings like I use too a few months ago. I'm taking offense, I'm getting agitated and having this overpowering feeling to snap at certain people. I'm just so quick to get irritated and annoyed by everything. I don't want to … Continue reading Taking coworkers too seriously.

Mental illness feels like; random panic attacks. 

If you asked me about four years ago, why I would suddenly burst into tears or why I was tearing up, or WHY I was acting so “needy”. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to answer you. I would just say “I’m tired” or “I don’t feel good”. Emotions are just a hair ball, ya … Continue reading Mental illness feels like; random panic attacks. 

10 things to start right now to improve your day! 


When you're in a routine, it's typically a challenge to see outside your box. Especially if you're dealing with some mixed emotions. It's really hard to identify them while carrying on your day. Or maybe you experience more stressful days and want some relief. These small tasks can help with that! Smile at others. Smiling is … Continue reading 10 things to start right now to improve your day!