Black Friday Afterparty!

I'm finally well rested to share my events on BlackFriday! I love reflecting on myself and comparing how I would have reacted in the past. It reminds me that I'm on a good path and I'm learning and growing and that is the best feeling in the world to me. Last week I worked 50 … Continue reading Black Friday Afterparty!


High expectations.

After getting a second opinion from my mom about the whole work situation she opened my eyes to some things I wasn't thinking of. I have high expectations. I mean it, I have really high expectations. I set my standards high for someone in management. I expect them to know everything, do their tasks, and … Continue reading High expectations.

Taking coworkers too seriously.

I'm taking a bathroom break just so I can write this. I'm feeling those ugly feelings like I use too a few months ago. I'm taking offense, I'm getting agitated and having this overpowering feeling to snap at certain people. I'm just so quick to get irritated and annoyed by everything. I don't want to … Continue reading Taking coworkers too seriously.

Work place gossip; better then week one.

Today is Monday that feels like a... Monday. That's a disappointment in itself actually. However I am ok with it. Have to be accepting and grateful either way. Today- as I felt last week. I was exhausted and did NOT want to go. I've been debating and debating and debating with myself since last Thursday … Continue reading Work place gossip; better then week one.