Week eight; Don’t be taken advantage of.

Read up on this week therapy visit; as I talk about realizing I was ashamed for not doing something "realistic". You're human! Not a machine!


Week six: Give in just a little bit.

I know I say this a lot. However I found myself in some rough slumps last week. Before my eye opening post, I had shared a few days ago. I arrived at the happy house almost distraught. I was extremely anxious and completely shut out from the world. In the waiting room I felt as … Continue reading Week six: Give in just a little bit.

Week four; Learning your triggers.

I'm very late on this post, considering it's Tuesday and this makes week five. If you've been following me up until now I hope you can understand why I've put this off for so long. This is so cliche, but I've been battling some demons on torment difficulty. Last week I had some realizations that … Continue reading Week four; Learning your triggers.

Week three; whats at the bottom of the pot?

Today I found myself in a zoned out daze. You know the ones where you can't help but block out everything around you, and your head is clear? But you're physical and mentally exhausted. So then everything turns into a slow motion, and you lose all sense of your surroundings and time. For a recap, … Continue reading Week three; whats at the bottom of the pot?

Week two, breathing exercise.

Welcome new day! (I actually mean "hello now over", new day) My mind is currently racing on what I "should" write as my first ever- REAL entry. I guess I'll start with my day. Today was my second therapist meeting (appointment, maybe? session? happy visit.) which was really nerve racking for me. I sat in … Continue reading Week two, breathing exercise.