Week eight; Don’t be taken advantage of.

Read up on this week therapy visit; as I talk about realizing I was ashamed for not doing something "realistic". You're human! Not a machine!


Week four; Learning your triggers.

I'm very late on this post, considering it's Tuesday and this makes week five. If you've been following me up until now I hope you can understand why I've put this off for so long. This is so cliche, but I've been battling some demons on torment difficulty. Last week I had some realizations that... Continue Reading →

Week two, breathing exercise.

Welcome new day! (I actually mean "hello now over", new day) My mind is currently racing on what I "should" write as my first ever- REAL entry. I guess I'll start with my day. Today was my second therapist meeting (appointment, maybe? session? happy visit.) which was really nerve racking for me. I sat in... Continue Reading →

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