Keep going; it’s just a step.

So I did a super exciting vlog today that I can’t stop thinking about. You ever have those moments when you learn something new and you just want everyone to know about it? Like, everyone everyone. And that’s exactly how I feel right now.

I found a moment of understanding last night as I was writing down more ideas for future posts and YouTube videos. I didn’t think about what I would say or anything, just topics I wanted to discuss. So to my surprise, this morning as I told myself “it’s time to record” I just knew instantly. However I was getting ahead of myself. I wanted to try and do a morning routine that I set up with my newly made habit tracker. So let me recap quickly.

Saturday night I had made a very long list in my notes app about what I would like to accomplish not only on Sunday but throughout the week. I woke up yesterday in the early morning and I told myself “alright, lets do”. However I didn’t do much of anything on the list. I spent the whole day making these awesome printables! (That you can download here)


I made a new YouTube header and I made me a new phone screensaver. Boom. That was all of my day. I wanted to clean and do a bit more- however I didn’t. And that’s ok. I didn’t feel pressured by this list one bit. Because I knew I had time to complete it when I was ready. It wasn’t just my “Sunday list”. It was also my “weekly list” and that feels great to say. I didn’t feel pressured by my to-do list. I didn’t feel overwhelmed to complete everything in one day.

Which leads up to today. Today I woke up and I knew I had to get started on my YouTube videos. However I didn’t want to jump right into them. I was still waking up and my body didn’t want to leave the bed. So as I gathered myself up out of bed I started small. “Make coffee.” Boom. On to the next. And as I’m sitting there looking into my closet on what I want to wear, I noticed I didn’t do anything yet. I noticed myself skipping ahead, and I didn’t like that. So I just continued looking into my closet until I found something to wear. And then it hit me. I have this cool app that can help me stay focused. It’s called “Forest” and you set a timer to where you don’t look at your phone, and as the timer is going you in turn grow a tree! If you close out of the app, you kill the tree you were growing. And that seriously helped. (I have a future post about this app so no spoilers!) I set it for 25 minutes and I did everything I wanted to do before recording.

2017-08-03 13.04.37

I started the laundry, I made the bed, vacuumed my room, organized my shelves. Brushed my teeth and hair. Took my daily medication and my vitamins all in 25 minutes. And as soon as my app pinged to let me know my tree was done growing- I felt that good feeling. The good feelings that grew into a good day. And here I am now. Writing this out to you. I recorded my 22minute vlog about how I realized that everything is ok, as long as you know it’s ok. How you can invest all the underappreciated things in your life to make it a better one. And I felt even more excited that I have a great day ahead of me.

(You can find my vlog here! )


And as I was talking and talking the more I felt good. The more I wanted to jump right into the next thing I had planned and just keep going. It’s a great feeling to see yourself do just one tiny thing that makes you feel like you can do anything. Because that’s exactly how I feel. As though I could do anything. I have one other video planned for today so I need to work on that. And I also need to post “Week eight” for last weeks therapy visit. I have a ton I want to talk about from that session. So cheers, please remember that you are awesome, that you are TRYING and to keep going.

Love the skin you’re in; TAG!

This is a great post for me to start on for Saturday I think! Browsing through my feed I noticed the beautiful Sophie Harris had done this “body positivity” and I’m all about that. Since I’ve been self conscious my whole life, being comfortable in my own skins means more to me then I can word. And in reference to Sophie’s blog, looks like this beauty Liliana is who started it all! Thank you for doing this!



  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post
  • Display the “love the skin you’re in” image.
  • Be truthful when answering the questions and don’t judge what other people have answered in their posts.
  • If you want to add any questions to this tag related to body positivity feel free to.
  • Try to nominate as many people as you can, if not everyone.




1. One feature you love about yourself?
One of my features that I love about me are my eyes. I adore them for the colors that they change, and I truly believe that they say when “the eyes are the window to the soul”. They are the first thing we look at, at one another. And I get compliments all the time about my eyes. I love them!

2. One feature you wish/wished you could change that you are trying to accept or have accepted?
If I was asked this before, say 3 months ago I would have told you my weight. Maybe I still think this way- since I am very aware of it. I wish I didn’t gain fat in my face, and I wish I didn’t gain fat in my midsection. I’ve been learning to love it though through clothing and accessories. AND a bathing suit. ❤

3. Have you ever thought of getting surgery to change you imperfections?
I’ve thought about enhancing my lips.. I want them to be full and plump. However I’ve never thought about changing anything else on my body. Maybe a breast lift but that was literally for a conversation and I never thought about it since. (I’ve accepted how big and well my breasts are even though they are taking my back out)

4. One of your main role models for body positivity?
I personally have no researched anyone. I know who Tess Holiday is.. but only from a facebook post. (So I really don’t know her tbh) I’ve been going all on my own about this. It’s best to be accepting and loving of your body.

5. Has a family member or friend ever put you down about your physical appearance? If so what for?
Yes, absolutely. We joke around and are really playful with one another in my household. So being called fat was a big thing for us (we are all overweight) and we used it as a grenade when we were angry or fighting. I was always singled out for my glasses as well, since I’m blind… they were always a inch thick. And it magnified my face INTENSELY and it still does. And my grandmother was big about singling out when we lost or gained weight. Ahhh, love it.

6. Something you love about your fashion sense or style?
This is something I’m still working on. However I love bright pastel girly colors, but I also love the basic fashion you see in magazines. Anyways, whatever I see I try and make it work with what I have. I’m not a fashionista in anyway. I just love cloths that I can find that fit me.

7. Why is your body a great place to be?
My body is a great place to be because it IS my temple. I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs (not illegal ones anyways) and over the last two months I’ve realized how much my body means to me. I cherish her more, and I notice all the small things now. With meditation and self care treatments.. I’ve just learned to love her. And me.


I’m the one with the black rimmed glasses on the far left. My name is Faith and I love my body. 🙂





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