Limbo isn’t a vacation spot. 

Right now, I feel like am back in limbo. Where I don’t know how I’m feeling or what I should be doing. Like before, how I would write about me having a to-do list but never did them?? Or how I would fight with myself over what thing I should do to start my day.... Continue Reading →


October 2017 – week one.

If you follow my facebook page, I posted my October goal and task list in hopes to inspire others to outset things they've always wanted to do. For this month we have the NAMIWalks (Oct. 22), and InkTober is upon us as well! It's just so many things going on! Today is my day off... Continue Reading →

The best self care day yet. 

The more that time goes on the more I understand that I’m ready for anything. I’m ready to defend, I’m ready to advocate, and I’m ready to teach others about the importance of mental health. And I was able to do that for the first time in public while fulfilling a phone upgrade.  Now before... Continue Reading →

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