It's now been a whole month since I've started this high school program and it doesn't even feel like it's been a month! I have two more weeks left, three tops depending on how well I do getting the last of these classes out of the way and then I'll be into the phlebotomy program … Continue reading


Airport sanctuary

Today my sister left to collect her friend from another state. She's moving in with us to (hopefully) have a better life and just help her out. I'm excited to have someone else in the house, sometimes we get at each other's throats. I like that though, I feel like we still have some connection. … Continue reading Airport sanctuary

Mental illness feels like: second hand anxiety.

This is the best way I can put this experience to be honest with you. I felt like I was in the backseat in an awkward car ride while a friend was getting yelled at. And I couldn't help but feel that anxiety even though I wasn't the one getting in trouble. Except I wasn't … Continue reading Mental illness feels like: second hand anxiety.