Airport sanctuary

Today my sister left to collect her friend from another state. She's moving in with us to (hopefully) have a better life and just help her out. I'm excited to have someone else in the house, sometimes we get at each other's throats. I like that though, I feel like we still have some connection. … Continue reading Airport sanctuary


In the life of faith

Here I am once again just not doing the things I said I would. Apologies mean nothing now if you ask me. Honestly, I'm in a spot. I'm in this spot and I know how to get out of it but it's going to take some time and I feel as though I don't have … Continue reading In the life of faith

Rest is more important than you think.

I've been a huge advocate when it comes to taking your time on things and learning when to have a break and or a breathing moment. Even at work, school, events, at home, just about anywhere you would feel like you would need a break. Over time I've noticed that I do need to take … Continue reading Rest is more important than you think.

Back to therapy, 2018.

Last week was a real roller coaster ride for me because I was going through so many things at once. I saw my PCP and my therapist, had tests done and had the question sparked if I was bipolar or not. I haven't been this tired in awhile but it's enough for me to want … Continue reading Back to therapy, 2018.

Taking coworkers too seriously.

I'm taking a bathroom break just so I can write this. I'm feeling those ugly feelings like I use too a few months ago. I'm taking offense, I'm getting agitated and having this overpowering feeling to snap at certain people. I'm just so quick to get irritated and annoyed by everything. I don't want to … Continue reading Taking coworkers too seriously.