#MotivationalMonday, The Bigger Picture. 

I don’t know how to explain how I feel right now. It’s not bad, that I can say for sure. I think it’s content? At ease. Relearning emotions has been a challenge for me. What I use to feel when I was significantly (emotionally) sensitive I was in constant flight mode. I was always in... Continue Reading →


October 2017 – week one.

If you follow my facebook page, I posted my October goal and task list in hopes to inspire others to outset things they've always wanted to do. For this month we have the NAMIWalks (Oct. 22), and InkTober is upon us as well! It's just so many things going on! Today is my day off... Continue Reading →

NAMI WALKS; donations, 5k??? Awareness!

I'm so excited to write about this, because I don't see a lot of reference to this organization (one article on The Mighty). And they deserve more notice!! This organization helps many adults that deal with mental illnesses. I felt so passionate to just share their good deeds. ❤ Learn more from their website here!... Continue Reading →

How to help me through it.

The most awkward situations are those when: someone is crying, someone is complaining and you disagree or when someone is having a melt down. Or at least, those are some of my awkward moments. I found myself obsessing today, like I do a good few times... a day. It's hard to ask for help, or... Continue Reading →

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