It's now been a whole month since I've started this high school program and it doesn't even feel like it's been a month! I have two more weeks left, three tops depending on how well I do getting the last of these classes out of the way and then I'll be into the phlebotomy program … Continue reading


Tuesday Blues’

I woke up with mild anxiety this morning. I think it has to do with my phone blowing up and not getting enough sleep last night. It was about 3am that I'm aware of before I was even able to sleep. And then suddenly 5 hours later the phone is ringing and buzzing and me … Continue reading Tuesday Blues’

I’ve enrolled in school!!

This is something super important to me because I finally am taking a healthy step towards my future that I never thought I could, honestly, accomplish. The hardest part is actually going on to campus and talking about everything. My hard part is over!! And I'm ecstatic to start this upcoming Monday, March 5th. I'm … Continue reading I’ve enrolled in school!!

Rest is more important than you think.

I've been a huge advocate when it comes to taking your time on things and learning when to have a break and or a breathing moment. Even at work, school, events, at home, just about anywhere you would feel like you would need a break. Over time I've noticed that I do need to take … Continue reading Rest is more important than you think.

Back to therapy, 2018.

Last week was a real roller coaster ride for me because I was going through so many things at once. I saw my PCP and my therapist, had tests done and had the question sparked if I was bipolar or not. I haven't been this tired in awhile but it's enough for me to want … Continue reading Back to therapy, 2018.