Mental illness feels like

Mental illness feels like is a campaign started by Mental Health America. It’s to encourage others to talk about how they feel about their mental health, and their mental DFNjpI_U0AA4Tk7health disorders. (You can find more about their blog post, and what others share on their website here.)

In my Mental illness feels like series I talk about exactly that. How I feel in the moment or throughout the day. Hopefully, see how I’m feeling and act on it. However most of the time I don’t. It’s a long practice for this skill. And that’s ok. Here are some other bits from the has tag that I love.

“#MentalIllnessfeelslike Forgetting your meds in the morning.”

“#MentalIllnessfeelslike Having a panic attach at work and having to pretend like you’re not freaking out.”

“#MentalIllnessfeelslike sitting on auto pilot so you don’t have to absorb the negative throughout the day.”

Whatever it is that you are going through it’s perfectly ok and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about it. Take advantage of what MHA has and talk about what you experience. You’re not alone.