About In the life of Faith

In the life of Faith is a personal blog set up to help encourage, inspire, and educate those with mental illnesses (or those seeking to help others with mental illnesses). Living with anxiety and depression my whole life, and not knowing what it was official until the age of 23 stung. So I scouted for outlets to not only help myself but others as well. Landing myself here. I can happily announce that I am a mentally ill human being going through life-altering “upgrades” to have a significant life. And I can’t wait to share everything with you.

Starting out, I wrote about my episodes to let others know they are not alone with their depression or anxiety. I hope these posts can help you understand what I’m thinking and know that I understand and accept my feelings. These episodes are just that. Episodes. They can last for days or hours. There is no time limit, however learning to accept that these episodes come and go is a great start. I believe in sharing these will help educate what I personally go through, and help you as well, understand that you are not alone. (Any title unless specified)

UPDATE I’M CURRENTLY NOT IN THERAPY DUE TO FUNDS! You can still read my previous posts here! Secondly, I also post my therapy sessions to spread just a little bit of love about what I learned, how I feel about what I learned, and how that can help you. I don’t go into detail from the whole session. Just the bits that are significant to me and what I strongly related too. Most of these sessions are hard eye openers and very difficult to accept. However, as I said before I hope that you gain just a little insight from my learning experience. And encourage you to seek help as well. These posts will contain some humor and some sadness, but they are well worth the read if you are curious to know why therapy is helpful. (These are titled “Week (x)”)

Last, but certainly not least my favorite “hobby” to help myself (and to help you) is bullet journaling! It’s been around for the last few years and it’s very popular with students. However many people use it now for a source as a creative simplified daily planner. And how I use it, is for my mental health. I use my bullet journal to help track of everything. How I’m feeling, triggers, to-do lists, productivity, self-help and much more! It’s the best tool that I have, and look forward to seeing myself improve a year from now! And I believe that can help you as well. After writing down something so simple you can reflect on it. It’s the best tool that I have. And a great tool for you to begin seeing yourself and accepting who you are.




3 thoughts on “About In the life of Faith

  1. Hi, my name is Gianna and I want to say your “About Me” section alone has me excited about reading your blog!!! I’m glad you’re touching on these topics and sharing your personal experiences with us. Thank you and I’m excited to keep up with your blog posts!

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