October 2017 – week one.

If you follow my facebook page, I posted my October goal and task list in hopes to inspire others to outset things they’ve always wanted to do. For this month we have the NAMIWalks (Oct. 22), and InkTober is upon us as well! It’s just so many things going on!

Today is my day off and it’s so strange to say that. I’ve been working this part-time job for three weeks now and it’s going great so far. I know that doesn’t mean much to some, but to me it’s a huge deal. Consistency is a skill I’ve been very shaky on. I’ve never had issues with work in a sense of responsibility and consistency- I’ve been given many employees of the month awards so I know I’m doing well. However getting back into a schedule of work school and outside activities is what I’m fearful for. But that’s not what this post is about, so let’s move on!
I’m waiting to hear back from a volunteer coordinator from Mental Health America-AZ for a date for my orientation. I was unable to attend the first meeting because my parents thought it was a “terrible” place and since I’m borrowing their car they held is as hostage. I understood where they were coming from and left it at that. Although, I did reach out (again) and asked for another opportunity. I’ve opted to be a public speaker that visits schools and other locations to talk about mental health and it’s importance. Which really excites me! So I’m eagerly waiting for this email.

From my goal list, I’ve finished 50% of my reading list! I’m currently on book two- which is ‘The Chemist’ by Stephenie Meyer. PLEASE visit your local library if you are interested in reading this book. It’s not worth the money (which I can now see). I’ve never been one to be like “ew that book was awful” however I feel like my virginity on this one will be taken soon. Because this book is super close to awful. I’ll post my reading/book list soon for those interested!

I’m going to work on reaching out to my library (again)  and volunteering there as well. I use to volunteer there around this time last year. However, I think I overworked myself because after 4 months I stopped doing it. I hope they will take me back without judgment. I hope to start this mid/end of October. I don’t want to rush to so many things and then feel overwhelmed later on.

I had some other things I wanted to talk about, but this is all I can remember for now. Thanks for reading!


Looks like I never posted this!! Should have been published in the 8th. 



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