#MotivationalMonday, The Bigger Picture. 

I don’t know how to explain how I feel right now. It’s not bad, that I can say for sure. I think it’s content? At ease. Relearning emotions has been a challenge for me. What I use to feel when I was significantly (emotionally) sensitive I was in constant flight mode. I was always in a panic and crying. I never gave myself a moment to evaluate my feelings and the situation that gave me said feelings. I feel as though this is something we ALL don’t ever think twice about. 

For example, you’re at school or work. And a situation came up. Let’s say that you were given a task you had to complete in a short time frame on top of your daily tasks. How would you feel? Give yourself a minute and relive a memory that comes to mind. What did you do? How did you react? Did you tell your friends and coworkers how it “made you mad” or did you keep quiet and have a stressful day? Did you pat yourself on he back after completing the task? Or did you work yourself up to where you constantly sighed, desperate to go home. Think about it. Because I garentee you that in that moment you did one of the above. 

A small break could have avoided all sense of irritability. All that pent up anger of the day and the aggressive need to be vocal about how “this day sucks”. I get it. We’ve all been there. And it’s natural to feel this way. 

We are all so quick to react to our emotions and the situation that we never think long term. That moment will pass, and you probably won’t have to think about it ever again. For tomorrow is a new day. I know that’s cliche, and previously I did state that I hated it. However, I understand it now. And it means so much to me. 

If you ever find yourself in a situation of unknown, stress, anger, annoyance, confusion or any other type of emotion you think this can benefit- take it. I promise it can help. 

Take a minute and think about the situation
This task is temporary. As soon as you finish it’s over with. Look at the task with a clear mind. Ask yourself “what are my strengths and weaknesses?” What skill(s) do you have that can complete the task? What skill(s) can you learn from it? Challenge yourself. Keep the mindset clear and take it all in. 

Speak up. 

Feedback is a tough subject because we see ourselves how we want to see ourselves. Criticism is something no one typically likes to hear. And it’s healthy to just stay yourself. Never change for others. However, you shouldn’t take things personally in the workplace or school. Take advantage of the feedback. See how you can improve to seek higher opportunities. Don’t think of feedback as something negative. It’s good to get an idea of how others see you. Maybe you do want to change or work on something. That’s ok too. 


Forced deep breathing is a calming mechanism. Just doing 5 deep breaths, where you count to 3 on the intake, and 6 on the out breath can clear your mind. Do this as many times as you need too. We subconsciously do this when we’re preparing ourselves for something. Like when you’re in a debate- you take a sharp breath in. And it’s clearly audible that’s good. 🙂 

Look at the bigger picture throughout your day. Smile, be thankful, and be proud of yourself. Only you can limit yourself, and only you can make you happy. 

– xx, Faith


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