Limbo isn’t a vacation spot. 

Right now, I feel like am back in limbo. Where I don’t know how I’m feeling or what I should be doing. Like before, how I would write about me having a to-do list but never did them?? Or how I would fight with myself over what thing I should do to start my day. But feel like that “thing” wasn’t enough validation and I should do something else? Gosh I can’t believe I use to think that way. Writing that out made me realize that’s not how I’m feeling. 

I’m actually doing very well with my daily tasks and my to do lists. For example this was my last week spread in my bullet journal. The boxes that aren’t colored in, are the tasks I did not do for that day. I talked a bit about how I felt very tired and emotionally drained those days. So I decided to not even sweat it. I’ll get to them when I can. And I’m proud to say that I did. I did come back to them with open arms. No feelings of being rushed, or wasted time.  I didn’t put myself down or overthink anything. I just started where I left off like I just started those tasks just yesterday. 

It’s an amazing feeling to see my small steps coming together. I want to work on a piece for starting a habit because of the struggles I’m going through. Picking up tools that are given to you for your mental health is overwhelming. And writing this out, I can see all of that. But I’m going off topic, so let’s keep moving. 

I set up tasks and a time frame I imagined I could handle. I’m having trouble with working out. The type that makes you sweat and almost hate yourself. I’ve been doing stretching exercises instead. And I can see now that 30minutes is too long. So I’ll have to work on that. 

I won’t lie to you, sometimes I get so caught up with my day I don’t have time to touch up my bullet journal. It’s not a chore, and that makes me happy. It’s just more of “I’ll get to it when I can”. So I make notes in my note all about it so I can write it down. But my bullet journal is a habit I love to endulge in. It brings me peace, creativity, joy, and overall comfort knowing I can reflect on anything. (As long as I log it of course)

Wow I started this post out in a weird mood and now I feel motivated to finish out my Monday. 🙂 

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