10 things to start right now to improve your day! 

When you’re in a routine, it’s typically a challenge to see outside your box. Especially if you’re dealing with some mixed emotions. It’s really hard to identify them while carrying on your day. Or maybe you experience more stressful days and want some relief. These small tasks can help with that!

  1. Smile at others. Smiling is contagious and not only will it make you feel better. But seeing someone else smile back at you is very rewarding.
  2. Take a moment to be grateful. Reflect on your body and thank it for all its hard work. Thank yourself for all your hard work also. Be grateful for another day at the office, and grateful for coffee. 😉
  3. Grab a bottle of water and drink the whole bottle. Water should be your best friend, so don’t ignore her! Water has been proven to improve body and mind.
  4. Show extra kindness to strangers. Open/hold the door open for someone. Ask someone how their day is going! Buy someone at the office coffee!
  5. Practice some self-care. If you need to take a break to get something special to eat do it! Want to take yourself out to the movies, but just couldn’t find the time? Do it today! You are special too, and you need to give yourself some extra attention. Your happiness is important also.
  6. Sign up for this free guided meditation app. They are 5 minutes long, and I promise it will increase not only production but your overall mood for the day.
  7. Spend an hour off your phone. Studies show that being so attached to our phones (or any electronic device for that matter) is actually unhealthy. Taking a moment to enjoy your surroundings and people watch is a nice improvement.
  8. Try something new today. Whether it’s taking a different route to work or on the way home. Too asking someone their name! Take a walk around a park you’ve never been to. Try a new dish at a new restaurant!
  9. Don’t dive into gossip. This is very important because it reflects on your character. And it also sets the tone of the day. Itching to gossip can stir up unnecessary drama which leads to negative thoughts and comments. We don’t want any negativity. Be honest and turn down the discussion by switching topics.
  10. Be creative! Take a moment to make something either for yourself or for others! Can be a poem, a short story or origami! Take a moment to do an adult coloring session from an app or online! Being creative sparks good energy and gets your brain flowing!

I bet by the time you do half of these you’ll feel a great source of warmth in your tummy. You should also strive to take care of yourself and others. While being aware of when to reflect, be thankful and relax.

I hope this helps you in the most beautiful way possible.

Much love, Faith. 💕


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