Crafting Mindfully Etsy Shop!

Hey guys! I've mentioned this vaguely over the last few months on my YouTube on how I wanted to make an Etsy shop. Once I found my name I slowly put it together. As of this week, my Etsy store is officially open!! I've been thinking about looking for promoters as well! I would send … Continue reading Crafting Mindfully Etsy Shop!


10 things to start right now to improve your day! 


When you're in a routine, it's typically a challenge to see outside your box. Especially if you're dealing with some mixed emotions. It's really hard to identify them while carrying on your day. Or maybe you experience more stressful days and want some relief. These small tasks can help with that! Smile at others. Smiling is … Continue reading 10 things to start right now to improve your day! 

Plan With Me! March, 2018 – Bullet journaling.

Hey guys! Here is my first ever plan with me video for starting/doing a bullet journal! I hope this helps everyone interested in starting a bullet journal or to those interested in seeing how I plan my monthly and weekly spreads! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byVUhLu8YUc   I started my March section with a cover page: You can get … Continue reading Plan With Me! March, 2018 – Bullet journaling.

I’ve enrolled in school!!

This is something super important to me because I finally am taking a healthy step towards my future that I never thought I could, honestly, accomplish. The hardest part is actually going on to campus and talking about everything. My hard part is over!! And I'm ecstatic to start this upcoming Monday, March 5th. I'm … Continue reading I’ve enrolled in school!!

Rest is more important than you think.

I've been a huge advocate when it comes to taking your time on things and learning when to have a break and or a breathing moment. Even at work, school, events, at home, just about anywhere you would feel like you would need a break. Over time I've noticed that I do need to take … Continue reading Rest is more important than you think.

Back to therapy, 2018.

Last week was a real roller coaster ride for me because I was going through so many things at once. I saw my PCP and my therapist, had tests done and had the question sparked if I was bipolar or not. I haven't been this tired in awhile but it's enough for me to want … Continue reading Back to therapy, 2018.